About Us

Trying to Stay Warm

Aimee Wyatt

When Aimee suggests that guests bring a hat, scarf and mittens to Cambria - it's because she wears her own a lot. Unless she's jogging or biking, you'll rarely see her on the coast without her down jacket.

The Landlord

Anne Wyatt

Anne Wyatt Founded the Bridge Street Inn Hostel at the old Presbyterian Parsonage almost 25 years ago. She ran it for 15 years and more recently lives in San Luis Obispo and likes to bike up the coast now and again to check in on Aimee and to take care of the garden - where there's always plenty to do.

The Landlords

Doc & Holiday

Doc and Holly are the official meet and greet team. They like to roam and say hello, whether you like it or not. We have a lot of guests with dogs so if that's you, please make sure your dog knows who's the boss around here.

Cat Meet Dog

Join the team

If you are looking for experience running tourist lodging, please be in touch.