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History of the Bridge Street Inn

We’ve been around for a while in different forms: Aimee’s twin sister Anne Wyatt opened the Bridge Street Inn, a hostel, in 1997 in what was the former Presbyterian Church Parsonage (built in 1891). With the evolution of Airbnb and changing travel patterns, the dorm room went away circa 2015. Due to the new safety concerns with covid and the departure of our friend and former Inn operator, Brandon Follett, who moved back to Idaho, in mid 2020, Aimee reopened the Inn with reconfigured private apartments which are set up for both shorter and longer term stays. The community areas, once inside, are now in outdoor garden areas with plenty of room for spacing.

The old Presbyterian Church next door, built in the 1870s, is part of the property and the Living Waters Christian Fellowship congregation worships there with Saturday evening and Sunday services. We appreciate leaving the church parking spaces open on Sunday mornings.

Things to do in the area:

There are so many great trails to hike, run, or bike! Here are 3 of our favorites:

To the cemetery up to the end of Bridge Street (all road, some steep ~ 1 mile each way)

Thru the Fiscalini Ranch to the bluff trail above the beach (all dirt trails~ 1.5 mile each way)

Harmony Headlands State Park - trailhead is about 8 miles south of Cambria, off Hwy 1.

San Simeon Cove (Wm R. Hearst State Beach) to the end of the Point. ~1.5 mile round trip - drive 7 miles north to Hearst State Beach - free parking. Follow the beach and go up the bluff.

Lots more info info on Cambria’s welcome map:

Dog Friendly spots - Cambria dog park (easy walk Burton to Rodeo Grounds) & Moonstone Beach

Sustainability: not just a saying here...we try, seriously.

  • Water is scarce in Cambria and we do our best to conserve it - Cambria has a major water shortage, after one of only two wells was closed some years ago. You may see signs “lot for sale - #xyz on the water waitlist. There is currently a construction moratorium on any development here because of the drought and concern about running out of water - literally! We have a greywater system for our laundry rinse water, and we save as much shower water while “warming up” as possible. There is a bucket in your shower and feel free to fill it up while you wait for the water to warm up. You see a lot of hardy succulents in the yard because they need very little water. Thanks for helping us conserve. ====> The water IS perfectly fine to drink from the taps.

  • We have solar panels - you can see them facing the south side on the church roof.

  • We line dry our laundry - we save a lot of energy by using the sun and almost all of our guests like line dried sheets. It’s possible that line dried towels are not as popular, since they tend to be less soft and fluffy. If you like plush, warm and fluffy, bring some from home and save us a load (or several). We won’t mind.

  • Buy Local & lots of plant based... Farmer’s Market on Friday at the Vet’s Hall 3-5pm.

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